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Signature Flights

Ongoing preventative maintenance and upgrades for a growing customer.

Square Feet of Hangar Space
Hangars of Varying Sizes
Jobs Completed

Signature Flights owns and rents hangar space, with an international footprint that’s continuously growing. As their electrical contractor of choice in Toronto, we do all their electrical work at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The relationship began as a one-off project and has since grown into a solid, trusted partnership.

The biggest challenge

The hangars at YYZ contain older lighting systems. Ongoing maintenance is required to keep them functioning properly and to upgrade to more modern LED fixtures.

How we overcame it

We work with them, as true partners, to help them get the most value for their budget each year. By knowing what their budget caps are in advance, we can provide cost-effective solutions.

Why we were the best partner for this project

Our goal, from the very beginning of our relationship, was to understand their needs as a company—not just their problems. For us, it’s about more than just installing new LEDs. It’s about being aware and respectful of how much they’re able to spend, and doing the extra work that’s needed to stretch their dollars as far as we can.